Embrace best pure wool shawl

Story Of Embrace

embrace is the story of two spiritual sisters, Neha and Usha, living across the world and meeting through meditation. When we realized how important meditation shawls had become in our daily practice—bringing an immediate feeling of peace and centeredness through years of infusing our shawls with positive energetic vibrations that were being reflected back to us and guiding us through our inner journeys—we knew we wanted to share this tool with the rest of the world so that others could experience this same connection and calm.

embrace was born to help people tap into their flow state and embrace their journey within—to their own inner wisdom and Divinity.

Each shawl is made with natural, pure wool or silk materials—the very same materials that the ancient sages of India believed purify energy and enhance their connection with the Divine.

As a women-owned family business, our mission is to wrap you in threads of pure love from the finest fabrics of India, hand-packaged with love in San Diego, CA. We are proud Indian women with backgrounds in yoga, meditation, retail, and textiles, and we’re so glad our sacred shawls will become part of your inner journey.

embrace shawls are more than simply fabric, fashion, or warmth. Our shawls are the instant calm and protection against a chaotic world, the coziness of a grandmother’s hug, and a connection to your higher self, all in one. Easy to take with you wherever you go, each beautifully crafted silk or wool shawl is lightweight and long-lasting, ready to restore your serenity for a more focused meditation, meeting, or day.

Embrace best pure wool shawl

Our shawls can also serve as armor against the chaos of everyday life—in an increasingly stressful world, shawls are needed now more than ever to provide that moment of zen in an otherwise draining world.We urge you to carry this armor with you at all times so that whenever you feel unaligned, you can wrap yourself inside your shawl. By wearing your shawl regularly, you imbue it with your calming energy, which will bring you to an immediate centeredness, helping you dive within.

Understanding the interconnected nature of our world, we donate part of our proceeds to education and health causes in India.

We hope you love your shawl wrap as much as we love ours, and that it helps you further your spiritual practice. We’d love to hear more about your inner journey—email us at embracejourneywithin@gmail.comor follow us on Instagram or Facebook.

Meet The Founder

Neha & Usha