What is a Shawl?

No garment quite captures your individual style like a flowing shawl. Shawls come in various designs and fashions, ranging from a classic all-black piece with a sophisticated fringe to a vibrant red fabric adorned with geometric patterns and delicate lace edges. With such a diverse array available, finding a shawl suitable for any occasion is effortless, whether it's a formal dinner, a day at the beach, a chic cocktail party, or even a wedding. Explore our collection of shawls here.

But just what is a shawl? 

At its most basic level, the loose outer garment known as a shawl is a square or oblong piece of fabric usually thrown over the head or the bare shoulders.1 

 what exactly is a shawl?

Basically, it's a big piece of fabric that you can drape over your shoulders or wrap around your head. If you're interested in adding shawls to your wardrobe but aren't sure how to wear them, don't worry! We're here to help. In this guide, we'll talk about the history of shawls, clear up the confusion between scarves and shawls, and give you some tips on how to pick the perfect one for you.

History Of The Shawl

The spiritual journey of the shawl unveils a tapestry woven with threads of ancient wisdom and sacred traditions. Before we embark on adorning ourselves with this ethereal garment, let us delve into its timeless origins. Understanding the sacred history of the shawl illuminates the path toward its purposeful adornment.

When crafted with reverence, each thread becomes a conduit for divine connection, infusing the wearer with the energy of sacred intention. As we honor the sacred lineage of the shawl, we unlock its transformative power, discerning the sacred occasions where its embrace offers solace and spiritual communion.

In the heartlands of Central Asia, the roots of the beloved shawl find nourishment. The word "shawl," whispered through the ages, finds its origins in the lyrical tongue of Persian. Woven with threads of fine wool and tender fleece, Persian "shals" adorned those seeking warmth and comfort.

Yet, it is the mystique of the Kashmiri shawl that captivates hearts today, echoing the whispers of distant mountains. From the lush valleys of Kashmir emerges a treasure woven from the fleece of the capra hircus, a noble denizen of Central Asian peaks. This fleece, lovingly gathered and spun, bestows upon us the cherished fabric known as cashmere or pashmina.

In the dance of language, "pashmina" and "shawl" intertwine, their meanings as intertwined as the threads of a sacred tapestry. Thus, as we embrace the shawl, we also embrace the rich tapestry of its origins, woven with threads of history and tradition. Thus, as we embrace the shawl, we also embrace the rich tapestry of its origins, woven with threads of history and tradition. Curious about how shawls are making a comeback in modern fashion? Read our blog on Are Shawls in Style in 2024?.

Growing Popularity in Europe

 The buzz around shawls skyrocketed during the Regency era, spreading like wildfire across Europe. Back then, shawls weren't just made of the fancy stuff—silk, lace, muslin, and wool were all the rage, and guess what? They're still pretty popular today!

You know, back in the Regency days, fashion was all about those light and airy gowns, but let's face it, they didn't do much to keep out the chill. That's where shawls came in handy—they were not only a fashion statement but also a lifesaver when it got chilly!

And you know what's cool? Shawls are still rocking those multitasking vibes today! Throw one over your shoulders for some extra sun protection during those summer days or cozy up with it when that garden party turns into a chilly night affair. Shawls are like your trusty sidekick, ready to save the day and keep you looking stylish all at once!


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A Cultural Emblem Around the World

Thanks to their easy-breezy style and ability to adapt, shawls quickly became a global sensation.

Take the Manila shawl, for instance. This beauty, a favorite among flamenco dancers in Spain, actually has its roots in faraway Canton, China. Imagine that! It's a square silk shawl, folded just right to drape elegantly over the shoulders, adding a touch of flair to every twirl. And here's the fun part: as it made its way to Spain, a fringe was added, giving it that unmistakable Spanish flair. It's like a little piece of history, traveling across continents and adding its own special twist wherever it goes!

So, if you’re thinking about how to wear a shawl, consider paying homage to its roots by: 

Let's jazz up that fringe! If your shawl has a cool fringe, don't hide it away. Try wearing it over an outfit with a different color to make the fringe really pop. You can get creative with how you wear it too—let the fringe hang down from your shoulders or make a neat V-shape in the middle of your back.

Feeling fancy? Pair your fringed silk shawl with a long dress or skirt. It's a look inspired by flamenco dancers and adds a touch of mystery. Look for dresses made of fancy materials like silk or lace to match the shawl's elegance.

Want to add your own twist? Try mixing things up a bit! You can wear your silk shawl with some bold knee-high boots for a daring vibe. Or layer a sheer shawl over a dress with an open back. And don't forget to show off that embroidered pattern—try styling your hair in a low bun to let it shine!

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    Shawl or Scarf: What's the Difference?

    Now that you know more about shawls, you might be curious about how they compare to scarves. Well, the main thing is their size and shape. Shawls are usually bigger and wider because they're meant to drape over your shoulders and hang down like a cozy sweater. Scarves, on the other hand, are smaller and narrower since they're meant to wrap around your neck. So, if you're looking for something to keep you warm and stylish, go for a shawl. But if you just need a little extra coziness around your neck, a scarf might be the way to go!

    On the other hand, a scarf, which is specifically worn around the neck, will typically be longer and thinner than a shawl. 

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    The Choice Between Shawls and Scarves: A Spiritual Perspective

    If you find yourself pondering whether to embrace a luxurious shawl or a cozy scarf, know that your journey is shared by many seekers. Both of these sacred fabrics hold the power to weave tales of self-expression and divine connection through their myriad styling possibilities. As you stand at this crossroads, allow your heart to guide you towards the fabric that resonates most deeply with your soul's journey.

    Yet, as you tread this sacred path, consider the unique blessings bestowed upon both shawls and scarves. Reflect on the following as you make your choice:

    Versatility – In the realm of versatility, shawls emerge as luminous beacons. Their expansive fabric invites layers of adornment, cascading gracefully over your being and morphing into scarves or headpieces at will. Should you seek to amplify the ways in which you honor your sacred vessel, let the shawl be your steadfast companion.

    Sizing – While shawls possess the capacity to fold into the humble proportions of scarves, their essence often dwells in the realms of thickness and warmth. For those yearning for delicate embellishments to grace their neck or purse, consider the gentle embrace of a square or rectangular silk scarf. In the realm of refined elegance, scarves offer whispers of grace that can elevate your sacred attire.

    Cultural Origins – Should your journey be guided by the echoes of tradition and artistry, align your choice of fabric with the tapestry of your soul's narrative. Whether it be the Manila shawl or the Irish scarf, each pattern holds sacred resonance unique to its lineage, enriching your sacred adornment with threads of cultural heritage.

    As you embark on this sacred quest, may your choice be imbued with the wisdom of the ancients and the whispers of the divine, guiding you towards the fabric that illuminates your soul's journey.. 

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    Selecting Your Ideal Shaw

    Choosing the perfect shawl for your wardrobe can be a challenging task. Consider the following factors to ensure you find the right one.


    Shawls come in a variety of fabrics. To make the best choice, think about where and when you will wear your shawl. This will guide you in selecting the appropriate fabric. Consider these categories:

    Quality Fabrics - For professional settings or upscale events like formal dinners or opera nights, opt for a shawl made from luxurious fabrics such as cashmere or wool. These heavier, warmer materials add elegance and a timeless appeal to your ensemble.
     Low-Maintenance Materials- If you plan to wear your shawl outdoors, to the park, or to the beach, choose a fabric that is easy to clean and durable. Cotton or linen shawls can be washed easily and are perfect for everyday use, making them ideal for casual outings and errands.
    Specialty Fabrics -For cocktail parties or black-tie events, a simple shawl may not be enough. Select a shawl made from intricate fabrics like silk, satin, lace, or chiffon. These specialty materials enhance your outfit and provide a sophisticated, formal look. will help pull your outfit together while giving it that formal evening feel. 


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    Consider the climate and season when selecting your shawl. In colder environments, a light summer shawl may not be practical and could end up unused. For chilly weather, choose shawls with thicker stitching and heavier fabrics, which can also serve as cozy winter scarves. Make sure your shawl matches the seasonal needs of your wardrobe. Learning how to tie a scarf can help you when adding a shawl into your wardrobe as well. 

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    For hotter climates and summery weather, choose a see-through or loosely knit shawl to complete your summer outfit or any other breathable fabric for summer. For maximum versatility, choose a wool knit shawl, which will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. 

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    Ways To Wear Your Shawl 

    Shawls can be worn in numerous ways, adding versatility to your wardrobe. Here are some styling ideas:

    • Cinched at the Waist: A patterned or solid-colored shawl can be worn like a sweater and cinched at the waist with a belt. Pair it with chunky boots for an edgy look.
    • Over the Shoulders: A lightweight, flowy shawl can be thrown over the shoulders as a covering for a summery dress, a cute plus-size dress, or a blouse and maxi skirt combo.
    • Around the Neck: A wool or cashmere shawl can be folded and wrapped around the neck to double as a thick scarf on a cold day.

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